Granger Schools


Sylvia Garcia

Benny Alonso

501 Bailey Ave
Granger, WA 98932

Granger School District is excited to begin their 2nd year of their 21st Century grant catering K-8th graders. Teachers are excited about introducing students to many STEAM* activities as well as ELA, Writing, Robotics, and cooking skills. The 21st Century afterschool program is open for any student who would like to join, parents searching for extra tutoring for their child or teachers may refer students whom they feel could benefit from attending the afterschool program. Registration forms are available at Roosevelt Elementary and the Granger Middle School offices.

The Afterschool Program offers students’ voice in choosing the areas of study and interest that they would like to learn more about or experiments they would enjoy working on. Students in the afterschool program have the opportunity to receive extra help from their class teachers by being allowed to go to their classrooms to meet with teachers or they may receive tutoring during homework time in the program.
Some of the STEAM activities this year will include:
• researching animals
• creating volcanoes
• VEX Robotics
• LEGO Mindstorm
• Bottle Rockets
• Drops on a Penny
• Egg Drop
• Marshmallow Tower
• Straw Tower Challenge
• Tile Tower Power a
• Natural Disasters

(*Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)