Afterschool and Summer Activities



Our aviation program provides an understanding of flight through lessons on wind tunnels, wing shapes, interactive wind tunnels and actual flight patterns. This program also includes lessons on mapping through aviation, topographical maps and directional maps. During this program, you'll get to learn how it feels to fly and how the world looks from above!

Quotes from our Students:
“I didn’t know it would be this fun”
“I can do this?”
“I flew the plane!!"
“Everything looks so small from above”
“There is so much brown”
“I could see all the houses and they are so small”
“It wasn’t what I thought it would be like…it was not like a roller coaster”

<strong>Community Gardens</strong>

Community Gardens

In addition to nutrition and outdoor adventure programs, the Health Promotion Specialist Team has also helped to establish local community gardens that are cared for and maintained by the youth in our programs. Kids learn about where their food comes from and are able to engage in “garden-to-table” food preparation. Additionally, any leftover produce is donated to the local food bank.

<strong>CATCH & Let’s Cook</strong>

CATCH & Let’s Cook

Classes focus on fruit and vegetable consumption, increased physical activity, and basic cooking skills. The activities are interactive, engaging and targeting elementary and middle school youth.

“I overheard a boy say to his classmate, ‘This is the best snack ever! You don’t understand; this changed my life!’ He then came up to me and said that he never thought he would actually like eating tomatoes.” Erika Ochoa, Health Promotion Specialist

<strong>Outdoor Adventure</strong>

Outdoor Adventure

In addition to healthy eating, the outdoor adventure program aims to connect kids to their outdoor surroundings and embrace their place-based identity. Key aspects of the program include: teambuilding/leadership activities, hiking, backpacking, camping, swimming, outdoor cooking, exploring their local communities, and learning the properties of plants.

“Students learned and explored the methods that plants are used by humans for food, oxygen, medicine, building materials, art, and spirit. They used essential oils to treat alignments of the body, mind, and spirit by making bath salts and lip balm. The most surprising property that students chose for the products were those that helped with stress and depression.” –Edgar Flores, Health Promotion Specialist

Teen Battle Chef and Look Who's Cooking

Teen Battle Chef is a culinary education offering which delivers unique and seasonal dishes in a competitive environment. This program explores cooking, exposure to culinary arts, gardening, and food systems, which empower youth through individual and team challenges. Youth develop leadership, teamwork, culinary skills, nutrition knowledge, and a new appreciation for diverse, healthy and sustainable food.

Teen Battle Chef also includes a “Leadership Project” which enables student voice and project management. Various projects in 2014 include advocacy awareness and project R.O.S.H. which stands for Restaurant of Safe Haven.

“Teen Battle Chef allows us to eat and enjoy food, and also compete with others.”

“The Russian Potato Soup recipe and Pesto Quesadillas has been tried with my family at home. My parents now allow me to cook in their kitchen!”

“If one youth group provides awareness for SNAP-ED programs such as Teen Battle Chef, can you imagine a whole class of students from different areas of the lower valley? This is the essence of youth voice and leadership.” –Nelson Guillermo Rosales, Health Promotion Specialist

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